Le rapport d'Europol qui est une agence européenne créé en 2010 et qui dépends des ministères de l"intérieur et de la justice de tous les pays européens vient de publier un rapport édifiant sur le changement opératoire des terroristes en Europe, et particulièrement en France et en Belgique.

Dans ce rapport on y lit :

From an IS perspective, the terrorist attacks carried out in Belgium and France in 2015 and 2016 were successful and effective. Given this fact and a general assumption that IS retains both the will and the capability to strike again, further attacks in the EU, both by lone actors and groups, are likely to take place in the near future. 
- In addition to France and Belgium, all other EU Member States that are part of the USled coalition against IS are prone to be attacked by terrorists led or inspired by IS. Attacks may also be carried out to compromise Syrian refugees as a group and to provoke Member States to change their policies towards them.
- The most probable scenario is the use of the same modus operandi, including the same types of weapons, used in earlier attacks. This is because of the ease of production, acquisition and use of such weapons/explosives, and their proven effectiveness.
- If IS is defeated or severely weakened in  Syria/Iraq by the coalition forces, there may be an increased rate in the return of foreign fighters and their families  from the region to the EU or to other conflict areas, such as Libya. Those who manage to enter the EU will pose a potential security risk for the Union. Given the high numbers involved, this represents a significant and long-term security challenge.

Voila accueillons ces terroristes meme chez nous c'est ce que veut Mme Cosse..cela sera plus facile quand ils voudront nous attaquer avec une hache, une machette ou un sabre!

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